Impulse by Moira Rogers

impulse cover

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Sera Sinclaire is a shifter. Specifically, a coyote. A very submissive coyote. In the past, she’s had issues fighting the pull that shapeshifter magic has on her. She’s starting to come around, to able to hold her own and take charge, but she has pushed so many people away in the process.

Cue: Julio Mendoza – one seriously sexy, dominant alpha wolf.

When a large piece of Sera’s past comes back to haunt her, instinct drives Julio to hide and protect her. Sera loosens up once they’re out of town and Julio finally feels like some of the weight has been lifted off of his broad, delicious shoulders.

Is it just the pull of  dominant/submissive shapeshifter magic, or is it something more? Could they ever make an interspecies relationship work with all of the taboos placed on such things by the Conclave and the shapeshifter community? Many a shifter would stop at nothing to prevent Julio and Sera from being happy together, even the Mendozas themselves.

From the blurb: “Her submission can heal him. His dominance can free her.”

You had me at hello! 

I can’t say enough good things about these ladies and this series. Southern Arcana was my first dip into paranormal romance. I mean, I’d read  and loved the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but when it comes to sex scenes, Southern Arcana takes the dirty cake.

The characters are deep, often troubled, and easy to love (or hate – depending on who we’re talking about). I really enjoyed the way the writing team played the intense aspects of Julio and Sera’s developing relationship off of the seemingly carefree flirtatious parts. It was a relationship rollercoaster ride that I’d line up for again and again.

The romance and action are always intense in the Southern Arcana books, and Impulse was certainly no exception. I found myself looking at how many pages were left and wondering how Rogers would take care of so many things in such a short number of pages. As always, I put the book down feeling incredibly satisfied. 

Maybe not as satisfied as Sera. She is one lucky bitch.



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