Mid-week ManCandy: My Fantasy Boyfriend League

One of the many perks of doing this book blog is that I get to chit chat with some great authors. We connect through their work, but I have developed a new sort of friendship with a few of the awesome gals whose work I’ve reviewed this year. One of those awesome gals is Jamie Farrell, author of Southern Fried Blues. (If you haven’t read her book, you can find my review here. And once you’ve read the review, you can hop over to her blog and find links to buy the book via your choice of bookseller.)

I’m fairly new to the blogging world, and I have a hard time keeping with my own posts, never mind the blogs I try to follow. I realised today that I hadn’t checked in on my Fantasy Boyfriend League team for a while. It might seem silly, but it’s actually a lot of fun to make the team (visual aids are encouraged) and share it with friends, like me, right here on this blog. I made the team up after reading one of Jamie’s blog posts, and I’d love to hear who’s on your FBL team too.

Here’s mine. (You can find the position descriptions on Jamie’s blog, and of course, feel free to invent your own.) The boyfriends can be book boyfriends, tv boyfriends, actors, musicians, or whoever you like.

LF: David Gandy. The man knows his clothes, and he can wear the heck out of a three piece suit. Plus, there’s lots of bending over to get the clothes in and out of the machines.

BR: Ian Somerhalder. The only problem is that I wouldn’t get to look at him much during this activity, so he’s going to do double duty as the (shirtless) Dish Doer.

DD: see above.

LM: Alexander Skarsgard can mow my lawn all day, every day. Especially shirtless. (I’ll be honest, I would like to put him in each position… of the FBL, of course.)

FM: Mathew Gray Gubler

CB: AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys. I don’t care how cheesy anyone thinks this is. I have loved him for 20 years, and I will love him for 20 more. His daughter has turned him into a big pile of guyliner wearing mush, and it makes my heart happy.

FB: John Krasinksi, because he’s SO adorable and totally goofy.

CG: Jackson Davis. (He’s the hero in Southern Fried Blues. You’ve gotta read it to get it.)

DP: Joe Manganiello. He’s into all kinds of cool sport stuff… and sports mean sweaty and possibly shirtless.

ASR: Nate Ruess. I adore him, and his quirks.

IS: Justin Timberlake. I’ve seen the man dance, something tells me his ‘itch scratching’ skills are probably pretty good.
CWT (car washing team): Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling.

Recently, extra points went to Justin Timberlake (for his AMA performance), Ian Somerhalder (for his undying love of animals and recent instagram posts of himself covered in puppies), and Joe Manganiello (because he recently released a book. A workout book. Meaning television appearances where he demonstrates exercises and lifts heavy things, often in a muscle shirt).

So, who’s on your team?


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